Pastoral Care


For further information about any parish ministries and activities, call the Parish Office at 414-421-0130.


Our Parish is served by our Rector, Fr. Scott Leannah, and our parish Deacon, The Rev. Marge Kiss.

Fr. Scott is our one full-time employee and he is our Spiritual Leader as well as the one who works to keep parish life engaging and vital, organized, and transparent. He feels blessed to be called to serve St. Thomas at this time in the life of the parish, and is a hopeful and engaging pastoral minister.

Deacon Marge assists Fr. Scott in parish ministry. She is an experienced and compassionate listener and pray-er. She proclaims the gospel and assists during Sunday mass, trains parishioners in a variety of ministries, teaches, preaches, and is especially gifted at keeping in touch with parish members.

Prayer Ministry

Prayer is foundational in being a follower of Jesus. When we pray, we open our own hearts, lives, hopes, shortcomings, the needs of others and our world – all that we are, to the God who in love created us, in Christ redeemed us, and in the Holy Spirit blesses and guides us.

We have a Prayer Ministry at St. Thomas. Pray-ers receive regular updates regarding those who have requested prayer and the needs that are being brought to our loving God.

Our parish tele-care ministry is a way that we keep in touch with our parishioners. Parish members on the tele-care team each call a certain number of fellow parishioners periodically to ask them a simple question: “How can I pray for you.” We have found that this ministry has come to mean a great deal to our members, and has helped to strengthen bonds within the congregation as a whole.

Parish members who are interested in being a part of these ministries are welcome to make themselves known to our priest or deacon.

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