Adult Faith Formation

Woman praying

For further information about adult faith formation, please call the Parish Office at 414-421-0130.

Our parish offers a variety of ways for adults to grow in faith. Here are a few:

  • We offer Scripture studies that are both informative and participatory.
  • Sunday school for adults takes place at various times through the year and covers a variety of topics.
  • Movie nights add a chance to see a great film and discuss its message and apply that message to our lives of faith.
  • Mornings of reflection include breakfast, faith-based content, and a chance to respond creatively.
  • A weekly on-line discussion of the psalms allows the flexibility for individuals to check in periodically or every week.
  • Book discussions take place on a multitude of topics.
  • Every Lent we have a “Soup with Substance” series that pairs fellowship and food with faith education.
  • Episcopal 101” is an opportunity for individuals to learn about the particular gifts, blessings and challenges that are part of the Episcopal way of being church.