Week of January 30, 2022


February Outreach Recipient

The recipient for February Outreach is the Milwaukee Rescue Mission.  Their mission is sharing God’s love by caring for those who are poor in body, mind and spirit, to see lives transformed through Christ to hope, joy and lasting productivity.  One in four people in Milwaukee live in poverty. Our neighbors who are homeless, hungry and hurting are some of the most vulnerable.  We strive to provide much-needed food, shelter, life-changing care and more for those who are in great need.

 Socially Distance Pew Seating

It is important to continue to be socially distant while attending church.  Please be mindful of where you sit in church.  A family can sit at one end, another person/people can sit at the other end.  If you select a pew in front (or behind) that is occupied on each end, move to the middle of your pew.  This will create a zig-zag seating arrangement to help keep everyone socially distant.  We all want to be safe and feel safe when at church.  Thank you for your cooperation!

 Milwaukee County Jail Book/Magazine Collection

Our book collection for the jail is moving forward with gusto!  Currently we have delivered over 600 books and 150 magazines to Milwaukee County Jail.  We have just received the following note from our book delivery person for the jail:  I wonder if you are aware via TV coverage or Milwaukee Journal Sentinel the dire situation at the Milwaukee County Jail.  The residents are locked down for 23 hours per day-lack of officers and the COVID outbreak.  The Library Ladies are collecting books and magazines to help alleviate the boredom.  We plan to meet an officer at the dock for the hand off of boxes packed with books and magazines when we have enough donations.  We are making an all out effort to collect books and especially magazines.

 In our Diocesan Cycle of Pray, we pray for St. John Chrysostom, Delafield

Most Gracious God we ask you to send down your blessing upon St. John Chrysostom and grant to them the grace to eloquently proclaim your righteousness in the great congregation. Make smooth and beneficial whatever lies ahead according to their needs, fulfilling their desires and petitions as may be best; granting them in this world knowledge of your truth, and in the age to come life everlasting. Amen.

 Parish Prayer List

Please remember in your prayers this week … Adam & Monica, Addison, Alyssa, Andi & Rick, Arthur, Barbara, Bobbie, CC and Tom, Charlotte, Chris G, Dan, Daniel, David, Dee, Dennis, Edie, Fred P, Gary H, Jacquie, Jan O, Jennifer D, Jeannie M, Family of Jim, Tasha & Nicholas, Jeff A, John, John & Gail P, Judy L, Julie, Karen, Kayla, Kathy & Tim, Leslie B, Linda S, Mary, Mary & Peter K, Mike, Mike A, Mike B, Mike G, Mike V, Nancy, Nancy S, Nathan, Neil, Norb, Richard, Rick R, Robert, Ruth, Salvado, Steven, Suzy, and Tyler.

 What’s happening this week

Tuesday – February 1

8:00am—Morning Prayer (Zoom)

7:00pm—AA Meeting (loft)

Wednesday – February 2

Noon—Eucharist in church

6:00pm—Evening Prayer (Zoom)

Thursday – February 3

Noon Prayer (Zoom)

Sunday — February 7


10:00am—Eucharist with Children’s Ministry

11:00am—Youth Group Meeting —

                     Topic:  “Change & Welcome”


February 1 — Kathy A

February 4 — Paul S

February 4 — Clem W

February 5 — Mary H




Fr. Scott headshot-transparent

Letter from Mother Melesa

Dear ones,

 After six months of conversation and discernment, it is so good to finally be with you all this Sunday! Getting to this day was no small task, and so many of you have played a role in making this transition as seamless as possible. I hope you will join me in celebrating the faithful work of our Wardens, Vestry, and Search Committee. In addition to these groups, please join me in thanking our Treasurer, Ron Thorson, who has spent many hours working with the Diocese on the details of my transition into St. Thomas.

 I am coming to you all with my family, who I hope you will be able to meet in due time. My husband has worked in graphic design for over 15 years. Together we have a three-year-old son who loves anything with wheels. Like you, we are continuously navigating the wobbly terrain of life in a pandemic. Due to the omicron surge in our corner of Wisconsin they will not be with us on Sundays for the time being.

 Lastly, I wanted to share a few things that will be helpful as we begin our ministry together:

Contact information. Please know that you can reach me at rector@stocchurch.com or on my cell phone which is 719.271.7391. If you see a Colorado Springs number on your caller ID, it might very well be me!

Office. You will be able to find me in the rector’s office most Tuesdays-Fridays. Please note that Monday is my sabbath day, and Saturdays are spent with my family. With the exemption of pastoral emergencies, please be aware that I may not respond to phone calls or emails on those days.

Names. I know I have a tricky one! I often tell people if you think of Lisa, instead of Melissa, it will help. In this season where we are only seeing half of each other’s faces, I ask you all for an extra helping of grace as I learn your names.

I am available. Please do not be shy to reach out! If you ever find yourself questioning, I wonder if I should reach out to Mtr. Melesa about this, rest assured that the answer is yes! I am available for pastor care, healing prayer, and to listen and reflect with you.

 Friends, I am filled with joy and hope as we enter into this relationship. I hope you are too. I also believe that some of the best things in life grow slowly. It is going to take us time to get to know one another, time to build trust, and time to hit our stride. And I trust that in time we will. I trust this because I believe that God is faithful – faithful to God’s people and faithful to the good work that started long ago at St. Thomas. What a gift it is to be a part of God’s mission here at St. Thomas with you all!

 grace and peace,