Letter From Father Scott

Week of September 26, 2021



Fall and Winter Christian Formation

Be sure to pick up a yellow pamphlet from the front table in the Narthex as you leave church today.  The pamphlet describes the new and upcoming programs starting today and October 3 that are available for children, youth, and adult!

**Sunday School (Gospel of Matthew) starts October 3.  There is a sign up sheet on the bulletin board in the Narthex.  Please sign up if you plan on attending these Sunday morning sessions.**

 Donations for Milwaukee County Jail Library

Please refer to the insert in the bulletin for a list of books (paperbacks only), authors or magazines that can be donated to the Milwaukee County Jail inmates.  Books can be dropped off in the bookcase located in the Gathering Space.

 October Outreach

The Discretionary Fund is the October Outreach recipient.  All funds are used to aid parishioners or anyone that needs assistance. 

 In our Diocesan Cycle of Pray, we pray for St. Michael’s, Racine

Loving Father, we thank you for the people of St. Michael’s and their membership in the Body of Christ and our diocese. We ask for your blessing and guidance upon them in this new season of their life. Anoint them in the power of your Spirit for their common mission together. May they be steadfast in their calling to open the door to faith for those who don’t yet know you. May they serve you in unity, constancy and peace to the glory of your name. All this we ask through your Son Jesus Christ, who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever. Amen.

 Parish Prayer List

Please remember in your prayers this week … Adam & Monica, Addison, Alyssa, Andi & Rick, Arthur, Barbara, Bobbie, CC and Tom, Charlotte, Chris G, Dan, Daniel, David, Dee, Dennis, Edie, Gary H, Jacquie, Jennifer D, Jeannie M, Family of Jim, Tasha & Nicholas, John, John & Gail P, Judy L, Julie, Karen, Kayla, Kathy & Tim, Leslie B, Linda S, Mary, Mary & Peter K, Mike, Mike B, Mike G, Mike V, Nancy, Nancy S, Nathan, Neil, Norb, Richard, Rick R, Robert, Ruth, Salvado, Steven, and Suzy. 

 What’s happening this week

Tuesday – September 28

8:00am—Morning Prayer (Zoom)

10:00am—1:00pm—Fr. Scott attends Diocese Staff Meeting

Wednesday – September 29

Noon—Eucharist in church

6:00pm—Evening Prayer (Zoom)

Thursday – September 30

Noon Prayer (Zoom)

Saturday — October 2

8:00am—6:30pm—Deacon Formation Training (library)

Sunday — October 3


10:00am—Eucharist (children/youth serve as greeters/ushers, acolytes, lector)


September 28 — Melanie M.

September 30— Linda C.

October 2 — John A.



Fr. Scott headshot-transparent

Letter from Father Scott

Dear Friends,

By now, you have received a letter from me indicating that on July 1, I will be starting a new position, working out of the Office of the Bishop. The title of this new position is “Canon for Ministries”.

You may be wondering, “What the heck is a canon?” That is a good question! I wasn’t so sure myself. A canon is someone, ordained or lay, who is given a special responsibility or task in the church, associated with diocesan ministry. I plan to continue to be “Fr. Scott”, both here and throughout the diocese.

You may be wondering, “What will this new job involve?” I will be working with our bishop to assist the congregations and clergy throughout the diocese. Some of our parishes need to fill a clergy vacancy. Some of our congregations are struggling a great deal, and in different ways. Our clergy, both priests and deacons, could use some pastoral care, opportunities for prayer and reflection and maybe some advice. Our new bishop will need advice and input from time to time and he sees me as someone who can help him with that. Some of this work will be a type of “shepherding”, some may involve hard conversations, and some will be more administrative in nature.

You may be wondering, “Did Fr. Scott apply for this job?”, and the answer would be no. The bishop called me and asked me to take on this role. When I was ordained I took a vow of obedience, and part of what that means is that when the bishop asks me to consider something I need to be open to the notion that the Holy Spirit may well be involved in such a conversation. After he asked me about this, I felt called to respond affirmatively.

Starting on July 1, I will go from full- to part-time here at St. Thomas of Canterbury and then be part-time with the Diocese. As I write this column, I am starting to think about what being your part-time Rector will look like, and how we can accomplish the mission and ministry of this parish. Already some of you are coming forward with good ideas and suggestions.

In October, I’ll call for a meeting with the vestry to discern if the 50/50 arrangement between St. Thomas and the diocese is working. It will need to work for you as well as for me. I am being cautioned against just working two full-time jobs. I will not do that. I promise that I’ll try to handle both positions, and I think that by October, if not sooner, we’ll know if it’s workable for the foreseeable future.

Thank you for your well-wishes, and for sharing your feelings of sadness about the changes that this will bring. All are true and genuine reactions, and I am grateful.

God’s peace to you and many blessings,

Fr. Scott