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Our Mission

St. Thomas of Canterbury Parish welcomes everyone to experience the new life promised in the Gospels. We celebrate faith in Jesus Christ through worship, growing in understanding, service and outreach, and by supporting one another.

Our Community

Like most Episcopal parishes across the country, St. Thomas of Canterbury is made up of a mix of people who were raised in the Episcopal Church and a larger number of people who are “seekers” – people looking for a church home after finding the need to make a change. We are accustomed to people who are searching, asking questions, and trying to follow Jesus in a complex world. We don’t claim to have all the answers, but we promise to welcome you, your questions, and to walk with you on your journey of faith in Jesus Christ.

What We Do

At our parish, we focus on meeting regularly for prayer, and seek to provide opportunities for God’s people of all ages to grow in their understanding of Christ. We work to put into action the commandment from Jesus to love God by reaching out to people in need, and we strive to be a community defined by mutual care and support of one another. To learn more about us, come join us for prayer, reach out to meet with our priest, or check us out on Facebook and YouTube.

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We pray in a fairly traditional way, but with an openness to the ministries and participation of all. Everyone who is baptized is welcome to receive Holy Communion and we seek to offer opportunities for prayer both in person and on-line.

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We seek to put our faith into practice by offering parishioners of all ages a broad variety of ways that they can be involved in parish life. Ministries are broad and varied, and there is something for everyone, even those who wish to serve in a more ‘behind-the-scenes’ way.

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“Who are you, Lord, and who am I?”  St. Augustine prayed this in the beginning of his faith journey. It reflects our own striving to open doors of understanding and learning to the children, youth and adults in our parish. Nursery care for very little ones, Children’s Liturgy of the Word, special Sunday school classes, a youth group, and a variety of offerings for adults are all ways we seek to open doors of faith and understanding.

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