About Us

The St. Thomas of Canterbury Parish

St. Thomas of Canterbury Church is part of the Episcopal Diocese of Milwaukee and the national Episcopal Church, in communion with Anglican churches throughout the world. STOC is one of the younger parishes in the Diocese of Milwaukee, having only achieved parish status in 1977, yet we are a diverse group spanning a wide age range and offering many gifts.

Our present sense of identity and purpose is summed up this way: Our parishioners celebrate the richness of the Book of Common Prayer with our Sunday 8 am  and Wednesday Noon services using Rite I, and the 10:00 am Sunday service using Rite II, and on the 5th Sundays of months, Morning Prayer. We also offer Evening Prayer services throughout the year. Parishioners participate in a continuing process of spiritual development through our worship, men’s and women’s groups and a parish prayer group.

We are dedicated to the liturgy, spiritual education, outreach, inspirational music and fellowship. St Thomas of Canterbury is a community of people with a common faith and hope. We are continually seeking ways to embody the love of God through action, and invite all seekers of God to join us.


Some Words for the Visitor

Whether you are a lifelong church-goer or you haven’t stepped foot in a church in years for fear that lightning would strike. Please Relax!  Take a deep breath. Attending a new church for the first time can be an anxiety-filled event. The hardest part is just getting to and through the door. Please remember, it’s just a visit, not necessarily a lifelong commitment to St. Thomas of Canterbury. We all were newcomers once. We want you to know that we understand. If it helps, you can call ahead, stop in the office, or email Fr Mark to ask questions and plan your visit.

Once you have made it through the door,  Then What? Well, don’t worry about the order of service, if you are “doing it right,” if you are wearing the “proper” clothes, or about how much noise your kids are making. There is no wrong way to worship God, and we’re all on this journey together.

For an hour, we invite you to sit back and soak in the service, hear the worship in words and music, and allow yourself to be welcomed into the presence of God. We hope you will leave with the sense of the Holy Spirit, not only in the building, but in our hearts.

Don’t be surprised if people ask you to come back and remember you by name when you return!