Vestry News

All reports and minutes from Vestry Meetings are a matter of public record. Here you can find the current agenda, minutes from past meetings, and all submitted reports. Vestry meets after the 10 o’clock service on the 3rd Sunday of every month, unless otherwise noted in the Calendar. Everyone is welcome to attend meetings.


Vestry Meeting October 15, 2017

St. Thomas of Canterbury Episcopal Church, Greendale, Wisconsin


Present:  Paul Stoving, Senior Warden; Margaret Done, Junior Warden; Mark Lamson;; Scott Celsor; Fr. Mark Moore, Rector


Absent: Gary Heaney; Lisa Chmielewski; Kathie Hein; Ross Worzalla; Kris Reed, Treasurer;


Call to Order:  The meeting was called to order at 11:30 a.m. by Paul Stoving who also led the opening prayer.


Group Exercise:  The Vestry members participated in a Bible Study in which they shared a Bible verse that spoke to them.

A.  Standard Busines

       1.  Consent Agenda:  Because a quorum of Vestry members was not present at the meeting, a vote to accept the Consent  Agenda was not taken.

       2.  Task list:  The Task List was reviewed and updated.

       3.   Calendar:  The calendar was reviewed and updated as necessary. 

 B.  Old Business

  1.   Stewardship Program: The Vestry members briefly discussed the upcoming Stewardship Program, Fearless Generosity.

  2.  Vestry Candidates: The Vestry members confirmed that there are four open Vestry positions that need to be filled in 2018, along with the Vestry Clerk.

   3.  Nametags: Vestry members were reminded to wear their nametags which are in attached to their folders in the office.


C.  Upcoming Dates: The next Vestry Meeting is scheduled for Sunday, November 19, 2017. 


D.  Adjourn: Moore led the closing prayer.  The meeting adjourned at 12:13 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,



Gail A. Pedersen