We have many active Ministries here at St Thomas! There are a multitude of ways for any willing person to serve or be served.



Simply put, the Vestry is the governing body of the parish.  Members are elected to three-year terms during the Annual Meeting in January, and along with the Rector, make the day to day decisions about what goes on in the church, expenditures, and all the details that are involved in church business.  The name and contact information of Vestry Members are on the Staff and Leadership page along with their areas of Leadership. Please contact any one of them with any questions or concerns you might have! Also, anyone is welcome to attend our meetings on the 3rd Sunday of every month.

Altar Guild

The Altar Guild is a team of women that care for the various linens and vestments and sets up the worship space for all services. Every Saturday is spent getting the Sanctuary ready for 1-2 services every Sunday of the year, and every Wednesday week-day service.  Every single item used in the service was prepared by, cared for, and placed in the worship space with loving care from our Altar Guild.  Most people would be amazed at all the details this involves.  Along with that, our team prepares the church for every wedding, funeral, baptism and includes the preparation, cleaning and decorating done for Advent, Christmas, Lent, Holy Week, and Easter, Pentecost.  Currently we are a small team of women, most of which have been at STOC a very long time and and we are currently looking for new members (male or female) that would help in this very important and essential part of our weekly worship at St. Thomas.  We would love to have new helpers in “Setting the Table of the Lord”! Please contact Noelle Gehlhaart if you want to join our team or need additional information!

Youth Education and Formation

Here at St. Thomas, we take Christian Education very seriously! Sunday School for youth are held during the 10am service. The children join the congregation for Communion.   If you have any questions about participation, please contact Donna Celsor.


We are between music directors right now, but that is not stopping the music program! The adult choir comes together to enhance the worship experience at most of the 10 am Sunday services from September through May.  They meet for rehearsal at 6:30pm during the week (Check the Calendar  for the most updated rehearsal dates) and at 9:15 am on Sundays.  They also visit nursing homes and senior living communities in the winter and spring.  Everyone is welcome! Drop by a rehearsal and check them out if you would like to join!

Video from Outreach Concert



Adult Bible Studies

Education and Formation at St Thomas’ doesn’t stop when you turn 18! The women of STOC meet on Monday evenings throughout the year for Bible Study. Contact Lisa Chmielewski for more information.  The men of STOC meet on Tuesday evenings for their own Bible Study- contact Fr Mark for more information.


Our Outreach Committee is the extension St Thomas of Canterbury reaches out into the Community to make a difference in the lives of people in our Community, and live out our Mission Statement of Empowering, Equipping, and Nurturing all people in Christ’s Name. 


Canterbury Crafters

Our Canterbury Crafters are a dedicated group who knit and crochet lap robes for Hospice  patients, as well as warm scarves and gloves the homeless men who come to the Hospitality Center. The congregation then adds their own prayers and blessings to each item, to warm souls of the recipients, as well as their bodies. They are willing to teach any new volunteers how to knit or crochet! They meet each Tuesday afternoon at the Bluemel Cafe. Contact Barb Miller if you would like to join them.

Parish Life

picnicAt St. Thomas of Canterbury, we are a family, and families love to celebrate (and eat!) together! From the planning of the weekly coffee and fellowship hours to the Annual Picnic to the special lunches for the Newly Baptized, Parish Life does it all! Keep an eye on the Calendar and the weekly bulletins for information on our next family gathering, and contact Tammy Wyman with any questions or if you’d like to lend a hand!





Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care is both an offshoot of our Outreach and People’s Ministry.  These caring individuals visit the hospitalized and homebound to offer Communion and allow those who can’t make it to church on Sunday to be real and valued members of St Thomas of Canterbury. “We who are many are one, because we all share in one bread, one cup.” If you would like home or hospital Communion, visits, prayers, or just someone to share your spiritual struggles with, please contact Lisa Chmielewski.

Stewardship and Finance

Stewardship is our personal response to God’s generosity in how we share our time, talent, and treasure. The Stewardship Team, led by Ross Worzalla, plans ways to help and encourage the congregation in fulfilling our charge to help spread the Gospel through the sharing of these resources. Then the Finance Committee does the hard work of planning out what can be done with the physical resources we have to use. These people have a thankless job, but St Thomas couldn’t survive without all of their hard work and dedication!



Communications is responsible for maintaining the church website, assembling newcomer’s information packets, and sending out the monthly newsletter, the Canterbury Tale. Contact Margaret Done with any questions. Contact Pam Kasper with anything you’d like added to the Tale.

Pam Kasper

Pam Kasper


Building and Grounds

Our tireless Building and Grounds committee work long and hard to maintain the physical building and property to make it safe and comfortable and all. They coordinate parish clean-up days in Spring and Fall, organize the “Garden Angels” to maintain the beautiful spaces we have scattered around the church, and do all the tedious maintenance tasks, from changing light bulbs to making sure the bubbler keeps working.  If you see something that might have been overlooked, or would like to volunteer to help out, please contact Mark Lamson.