Notes from Open Forum on Feb 12th

Open Forum February 12th, 2017   The meeting was called to order at 11:25am, with approximately 20 people in attendance   Bill Kienzle expressed some concern over the columbarium, and the documentation of what happens to the cremains in the case of a church closing. He suggested that if the Diocese doesn’t already have a … [Read more…]

Announcements December 4th, 2016

SOUTHWEST INTERFAITH—DECEMBER Focus Southwest Interfaith is an ecumenical organization which furnishes several means of assistance to older adults in the southwest corner of Milwaukee. The transportation ministry helps people who don’t drive, in making appointments and running errands.  The home assistance ministry helps with chores around the house and yard.  Both ministries help people maintain … [Read more…]

Announcements March 27, 2016

Community Outreach Guest House—MARCH Focus The focus agency for March is Guest House.  The Guest House is a combination of residence and educational facility for homeless men.  The residents there are men who have fallen by the wayside for various reasons.  Programs there help the residents regain self-respect, independence and to seek out long-term solutions … [Read more…]