Announcements April 2, 2017

Community Outreach

Community ReachGuest House—APRIL Focus

The focus agency for April is Guest House.  The Guest House is a residential and educational facility for homeless men. Please keep The Guest House in your prayers.



Now that we have your attention, the Finance and Stewardship committee is looking for a few volunteers with new ideas.  If you are interested, please talk to Paul Stoving, Margaret Done, or Kris Reed, or simply attend our next committee meeting on Monday, April 3rd at 5:30pm in Fr. Mark’s Office.


Easter bunny

The Easter Bunny requires your assistance this year.  Mr. Rabbit is in need of plastic eggs and individually pre wrapped candy for this years egg hunt.  Toys have already been supplied.  If anyone has extra plastic eggs or would like to donate candy, please drop them off in the coat closet and label them for the Easter Bunny.



Many thanks to Jimmy John’s for the donation of the sub platter for last week’s coffee hour.  The manager of the store on 76th street sent them for free of charge, and his own idea.  He asked that we keep them in mind if we are planning an event.




Altar Guild is asking if anyone is willing to help with set-up, cleaning, etc. on Holy Thursday and Holy Saturday during the day and after 7:00 services. Times will be announced and listed on sheets for each day on the door to the Sacristy, hopefully this Sunday and/or Palm Sunday.  Also looking for some medium to large pottery pieces, ie:  jug, bowl, pots that we could possibly use on Holy Thursday, along with a Rooster (the cock that crows 3 times).  We would just borrow these items and return.  Any questions, please call:  Noelle Gehlhaart @ 604-0841 or email:  

Calendar Looking Forward

APR 2   (Sun) APR 3   (Mon)

APR 4    (Tue)

APR 5               (Wed) APR 6   (Thu) APR 7      (Fri) APR 8    (Sat)  APR 9   (Sun)
Healing Services    Kids at Altar David R-Birthday Mark S-Birthday   John O-Birthday     PALM SUNDAY
8:00am      Euch. Rite I 8:30am       Yoga 5:30pm         La Leche 12:00pm     Euch. Rite I   7:00am         Jiu Jitsu 8:30am        Altar Guild Setup 8:00am      Euch. Rite I
9:15am       Choir Reh. 5:30pm     Finance & Stewardship Meeting 6:30pm        Men’s Bible Study 6:30pm      Choir Reh.      9:00am     Leadlership Days 9:15am       Choir Reh.
10:00am    Euch. Rite II 7:00am         Jiu Jitsu 7:00am         Jiu Jitsu 7:00am         Jiu Jitsu       10:00am    Euch. Rite II
    7:30pm           AA-Loft         11:30am    Balcony Team Meeting
              1:00pm   Canterbury Crafters

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