Announcements January 29, 2017

Community Outreach

Community Reach


The focus agency for January is Jericho Ministries. Outreach contributions are welcome using your blue pledge envelope, writing a check to St. Thomas of Canterbury and putting “Outreach” on the memo line, or through your electronic transfer account.


Recording Treasurer Needed

Doing the accounting.

The financial team is in need of a person to assist with the deposits and record keeping of weekly donations.  You would be responsible to come to church every other Monday or Tuesday evening to verify the weekly offering, put together the deposit and key information into our pledging system.  If you want to learn more and/or are interested, please contact either Kris Reed or Tammy Wyman.  




Our mystery dinner theater is all set.  Please join us on Saturday, Feb. 18th, downstairs in the fellowship hall, for this very fun event.  Cost of tickets are $30.00.  There will be individuals present at both services to sell tickets.  If you have any specific questions, please contact Shelly Wawrzonek at 414-559-2834.  





In order to continue having coffee hour on a weekly basis, we need 5 families to sign up.  With 12 families you will only be required to host once a quarter.  Thank you to the 7 families that have offered their help to this very worthwhile ministry.  Remember, if you just want to give it a try, there is a spot on the sign-up form that will allow you to get the online email to sign-up for a one time deal.

Study of Islam


Between the scriptural connections and the political importance, we felt that Islam would be a great subject to study.  All are welcome to join or study on Islam, Tuesday evening, 6:30pm.  Please join us.


Annual Meeting

Outreach Meeting

Please join us for the Annual Meeting, discussing the year 2016.  Pick up your packet of reports in the Narthex.


The meeting will start just after our 9:00am service.


All are welcome!  See you there!!

Calendar Looking Ahead!St Thomas


Jan 29 Jan 30 Jan 31 Feb 1 Feb 2 Feb 3 Feb 4 Feb 5
              Healing Services, Kids at Altar
8:30am          Choir Reh. 8:30am             Yoga 6:30pm         Men’s Bible Study 12:00pm        Euch Rite I 2:00pm           Finance Meeting 7:00pm            Jiu Jitsu 8:30am           Altar Guild Setup 8:00am           Euch Rite I
9:00am           Morning Prayer 6:00pm         Worship Committee Meeting 7:00pm            Jiu Jitsu 6:30pm          Choir Reh. 7:00pm            Jiu Jitsu   7:00pm            Jiu Jitsu 9:15am            Choir Reh.
10:00am        Annual Meeting 6:30pm          Women’s Bible Study 7:30pm              AA-Loft 7:00pm            Jiu Jitsu       10:00am       Euch Rite II

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