Announcements December 18, 2016

Community Outreach

Community Reach


Southwest Interfaith is an ecumenical organization which furnishes several means of assistance to older adults in the southwest corner of Milwaukee. The transportation ministry helps people who don’t drive, in making appointments and running errands.  The home assistance ministry helps with chores around the house and yard.  Both ministries help people maintain an independent lifestyle.  Visitation is a very important facet of the Southwest Interfaith ministry.  Loneliness can be just as incapacitating as a physical disability.  S.T.O.C. was one of the founding members of Southwest Interfaith.  Please do your best to keep this tradition alive.



        Just a reminder that in case of severe winter weather, WISN/Channel 12 is where STOC’s cancellation information will be found.  You can either watch WISN or check for the most updated information.

Study of Islam


Between the scriptural connections and the political importance, we felt that Islam would be a great subject to study.  All are welcome to join or study on Islam, Tuesday evening, 6:30pm.  Please join us.

Hospitality Center Requests

hospitality-centerThe Hospitality Center in Racine is short of personal items such as:  Soap, Wash Clothes, Towels, Toothpaste, Tooth Brushes, Wool Socks, Winter Clothing and Hand Sanitizers.   Please be generous and help out in this time of need.

Thank you, and God bless

A friendly reminder


Pledge cards were distributed the end of October. As our treasurer works to put together the budget for next year it is helpful to have as much information as possible.  If you have a pledge card that you plan on returning, please do so at your earliest convenience.  Thanks so much.

Christmas Eve Service Sign up


We’re only 2 weeks away from Christmas!  On the bulletin board in the Narthex, you’ll find a lay minister sign up sheet for the Christmas Eve service.  Please check your schedules and sign up if you plan on taking part of in this beautiful service.  The Christmas Eve Service will be at 5:00pm.  We already have Lay Ministers signed up for Christmas Day.

Christmas Flower Offering



If you haven’t received a Flower Offering envelope for Christmas Flowers and would like to contribute, please pick up envelopes located on the table in the Narthex.      Please have your donations ready by Wednesday December 21 so we have time to make a list for the Christmas bulletin.

Calendar Looking Forward

DEC 18 DEC 19 DEC 20 DEC 21 DEC 22 DEC 23 DEC 24 DEC 15
    Judy K-Birthday   Kathie H-Birthday   Christmas Eve Christmas Day

8:00am     Euch Rite I

6:30pm    Jiu Jitsu 6:30pm    Jiu Jitsu 12:00pm   Euch Rite I     8:30am                  Altar Guild Setup 9:30am                Choir Reh
9:15am   Choir Reh. 6:30pm    Women’s Bible Study 6:30pm    Men’s   Bible Study 6:30pm    Jiu Jitsu     4:15pm                   Choir Reh. 10:00am              Christmas Day      Euch Rite II
10:00am  Euch Rite II   7:30pm      AA-Loft     5:00pm             Christmas Eve     Euch Rite II    
11:00am Vestry Mtg.              

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