Announcements November 13, 2017

Community Outreach

Community Reach


Southwest Interfaith is an ecumenical organization which furnishes several means of assistance to older adults in the southwest corner of Milwaukee. The transportation ministry helps people, who don’t drive, in making appointments and running errands.  The home assistance ministry helps with chores around the house and yard.  Both ministries help people maintain an independent lifestyle.  Visitation is a very impotent facet of the Southwest Interfaith ministry.  Loneliness can be just as incapacitation as a physical disability.  S.T.O.C. was one of the founding members of Southwest Interfaith.  Please do your best to keep this tradition alive.

Study of Islam


Between the scriptural connections and the political importance, we felt that Islam would be a great subject to study.  All are welcome to join Men’s Bible Study, Tuesday evening, 6:30pm.  Please join us.

Ecumenical Thanksgiving Eve- Service



Please plan to attend this Service on November 23rd at St. Luke’s Lutheran Church – 6705 Northway, Greendale

It’s also a Pie Fest – Please bake pies and bring to the service to share.  More details provide at a later date.



Prince of Peace ELCA and Adoration ELCA are coordinating a Holy Land Pilgrimage in June of 2017.  The total cost is $3935, and this includes airfare, lodging, tour bus and guide, breakfasts and dinners (buffet style), and 9 full days in the Holy Land.  (It’s a day and a half for roundtrip travel of course.)  This Israel Pilgrimage will be over June 17-27, 2017, and all who are able to come along are welcome and invited to join us!  We will visit the sites associated with our Lord and Savior Jesus, and we will visit some sites associated with his Apostles, his Mother, and his early Church.  For more information (trip itinerary, registration, and so forth) please call 414-345-7368.  Shalom!  Pastor Andrew Nyren and Pastor Tim Singleton

Fall Raking & Cleanup


Please join us this year again for:

Nov 13 Fall Cleanup

Rain dates:

Nov 20 Fall Cleanup

Calendar Looking Ahead

NOV 13 NOV 14 NOV 15 NOV 16 NOV 17 NOV 18 NOV 19 NOV 20

Celebrate Veterans Day 

   FALL  Clean up


Joey F-Birthday

Olivia C-Birthday Janet C-Birthday Maggie C-Birthday   Kristine R-Birthday    
8:00am  Euch Rite I – Gideon Church Assignment 8:30am Yoga 3:00pm MKE Diocesan Finance Meeting 12:00pm Euch Rite I     8:30am Altar Guild Setup 8:00am  Euch Rite I – Gideon Church Assignment
9:00am Canterbury Crafters  6:00pm Worship Committee Meeting 6:30pm Jiu Jitsu         9:15am  Choir Reh
9:15am  Choir Reh  6:30pm Jiu Jitsu 6:30pm Men’s Bible Study         10:00am Euch Rite II – Gideon Church Assignment
10:00am Euch Rite II – Gideon Church Assignment 6:30pm Women’s Bible Study  7:30pm AA-Loft         11:00am Vestry Meeting

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