Announcements – April 10, 2016

Community Outreach

Community Reach


Guest House—APRIL Focus

The focus agency for April is Guest House.  The Guest House is a combination of residence and educational facility for homeless men.  The residents there are men who have fallen by the wayside for various reasons.  Programs there help the residents regain self-respect, independence and to seek out long-term solutions to their problems.  Guest House is a three month program that provides lessons in the school of life;  housing, budgeting, job search, health care, self management and many others.  After graduation there is a follow-up staff that help with any problems.  Guest House has a better success rate than any other similar program in the Milwaukee area.  Please keep Guest House in your prayers.


Food & Item Donations

STOC continues to collect food and other donations that support St. Alphonsus, St. James, Guest House & the Hospitality Center.  If you would like to donate additional items please label your contribution with your preference of ministry and donations will be distributed.  If you are donating food items please do not use the outside drop box, food donations should be left inside the church.  For more information please contact the church office at  414-421-0130.  Thank you….Outreach

Columbarium News

             Construction begins with the columbarium. Niches are available for $975.00  It will be located in what was the side altar area and will be a permanent part of the church. The design is a combination of Cherry wood and brown marble with the engraving on the marble facing of each niche. I think it will be a beautiful and respectful place to remember the best of those whom we love.

For further information including contract and rules please contact Fr. Mark

Communion Classes



             Classes will be held the 4th Sunday of each month from 9:30-10:30am in Fr. Mark’s office.


Outreach MeetingOutreach Meeting

             There will be an Outreach meeting TODAY, Sunday, April 10, following the 10:00am service.  All are welcome to attend.  We are looking for new members.  Please join us at the last table on the south side of the Fellowship Hall.  See you there!!! 

Thank you, and God Bless—The Outreach Committee

Calling all Youth and Children


Please join us in leading the music at a contemporary service on Sunday, May 1, 10:00am. Share your talents with the people at St. Thomas. Do you like to sing? Play guitar or percussion? Let’s add some of your touches to the music.

             We will rehearse again after service TODAY. Please join us to prepare for this celebration. See Anne Van Deusen for a CD recording and lyrics of the music.


Sun, April 10, 24 – rehearsal from 11:15-12:15 Sun, May 1 – gather at 9:15am to prepare for service

Coffee Hour Hosts

Episcopal coffee mug


We are looking for four (4) more families to sign up to host coffee hour for the coming year.  It is a one year commitment and a greet way to become involved.  We have

simplified what you should bring so set up and clean up is quite easy.  With four (4) more families we all would only have to host once a quarter.  A great way to connect to others and share your gift.  If it is something you are interested in please contact Tammy Wyman or Angie Bier, your new Parish Life co-chairs.

Chicago’s Northshore:

Chicago's North Shore


Date:  May 18, 2016.   Altar Guild Adventure—See EVEN MORE details on Bulletin Board

This is open to everyone, not just the Altar Guild.  8:20am to 5:45pm

Pick up at Brookfield Square 8:20am—Pick up at Racine Park & Ride 9:10am

Tours and Lunch $55.00

Registration deadline is May 4, SORRY—NO Refunds after May 4

(Forms attached to bulletin Board)

Calendar Looking Forward


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