Announcements January 31, 2016

Community Outreach

Hospitality Center

The hospitality Center helps feed, clothe and minister to the needy in Racine. In the words of Deacon Kevin, St. Thomas’s on-going support makes a transformative difference in the lives of many and in the life of the Hospitality Center.

Food & Item Donations

STOC continues to collect food and other donations that support St. Alphonsus, St. James, Guest House & the Hospitality Center. For more information please contact the church office at 414-421-0130. Thank you….Outreach

Altar Guild Meeting

             Saturday February 6 at 9:00am in the Church

Meeting with Fr. Mark and everyone available, for discussions on how things are working and what needs to be done to prepare for upcoming Season of Lent.

Questions—contact Noelle Gehlhaart at 414-604-0841 or



Just a reminder that in case of severe winter weather, WISN/Channel 12 is where STOC’s cancellation information will be found. You can either watch WISN or check for the most updated information.


Yoga resumes January 11 through February 29, 2016 8:30am—9:30am.

Communion Classes

The Communion Classes will be held on the 4th Sunday of each month from 9:30am-10:30am in Fr. Mark’s office.   The approximate age range is from 5 to 11.  If anyone else has an interest in their child attending or any questions, please call or email me at 414-604-0841, so I can order additional workbooks.  The classes scheduled are:  1/24, 2/28, (March is tentative due to Holy week/Easter), 4/24, 5/22, and 6/19.  Excited about this class and working with the children! 

Noelle Gehlhaart


Palm Sunday Passion Reader Volunteers:

The past few years, we have had the youth read most of the parts to the passion on palm Sunday. I want to invite any youth that are interested in doing that this year, so see me or email me. They will not need to memorize any lines or act out anything.

Thank you. Erika Stoving

Weekly Lenten Meal and Services

Our Weekly Lenten meal followed by Evening Prayer will begin on Feb 12th, at 6:00pm with a brief Bible Study at 7:00pm


What Can I Do??



Your older adult neighbors need to have someone like you to shovel their sidewalks and driveways this winter.  You can help them by calling Southwest Interfaith at 414-421-5676 to get more details.  You can make a huge difference in someone’s  life.



***** HELP WANTED *****

Coffee Hour Hosts

Do you enjoy catching up with your church family at coffee hour? Who haven’t you seen in a while? Do you bake? Coffee hour is a great place to get to know your church family better. A coffee hour host is a one year commitment. Your responsibilities include making coffee and treats of your choosing. We can show you how to make the coffee. After coffee hour you are required to clean up any mess (use the dishwasher if you want) and take out the trash. This is not a lifelong commitment. Coffee hour hosts sign up for a one year time period beginning March 1. Sign up sheet is posted in the narthex.  Please see Donna Celsor of the Parish Life vestry liaison for more information.


Singing Rooster Coffee Representative

We have been asked to become a distributor of Singing Rooster Coffee. The sale of this coffee  helps build the economy of Haiti, where the beans are grown. The also reduces the amount of donation support that Haiti requires. Please attend the annual meeting for a taste of this coffee. Please fill out the survey regarding Singing Rooster Coffee and let us know if you would like us to serve this as our coffee hour coffee. You may also purchase this coffee for your own home use.


Easter Bunny Assistant

Christian Education needs one person (or a group) to assist the Easter Bunny with the children’s Easter Egg hunt on Easter morning. Responsibilities include selecting treats and filling the plastic eggs. Candy and small toys are popular. You may assist with hiding the eggs as well. Please see Donna Celsor for more information.



Chicago’s NorthShore:

Save the Date:

Altar Guild Adventure—May 18, 2016

The 2016 Diocesan Altar Guild Adventure will take place on Wednesday, May 18th. We will be visiting churches in Chicago with unique architectural characteristics. While the costs and other specifics still need fine tuning, please consider joining us, so do SAVE THE DATE. We hope you can join us, participation is not limited to Altar Guild members.

More Details coming soon—


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